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The Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner has granted an exemption in accordance with Section 57 of the Anti-Discrimination Act for the conduct of this program. Just like any other graduate vacancy, graduate vacancies for people with a disability can cover a wide range of skill sets, such as policy, finance, research, or analyst roles.

It is preferred that vacancies are offered on a permanent full or part-time basis; however fixed-term vacancies with a minimum two-year period may also be suitable. Cadet vacancies may also be considered. Identified vacancies can be advertised under a whole-of-State Service banner as they arise, and applicants will be expected to undergo a merit-based selection process. Persons who have a disability and have been assessed by Centrelink as requiring specialist employment assistance, and have been referred to any approved Disability Employment Services provider will also be eligible to participate in the program.

As an employer, the State Service provides all employees with a workplace assessment and adjustment to meet their individual requirements, as well as training and development opportunities through participation in programs provided by the Tasmanian Training Consortium.

General information regarding Employment of People with a Disability is available from www.

our grads / tas

Vacancies will be advertised on www. State Service Management Office. What is a suitable vacancy? Who is eligible? Is there support? More information General information regarding Employment of People with a Disability is available from www.If you have graduated from a tertiary institution in Tasmania after studying in the state for at least one academic year 40 weeks at a CRICOS registered institution you may be considered for a state nominated visa.

For details of our nomination requirements please view our visa options for skilled migrants. We are given only a limited number of nomination places every year by the Australian Government and unfortunately not every applicant can be nominated.

If you are considering seeking Tasmanian state nomination after completing your studies, the information below may help you plan your future.

We are most interested in those students who can make a positive contribution to the state. Your likelihood of Tasmanian nomination will be increased if your Tasmanian studies, or other experiences in Tasmania are related to our skills needs.

Why Tasmania? (1979)

We give particularly high regard to people who have studied or have experience in high-demand occupations, including:. Further weight is given to those applicants who currently live and work in an area outside Greater Hobart and intend to do so after nomination. Australian Jobs provides detailed information about where you could focus your training to find work after graduating. Acceptable courses of study include courses above Certificate 3 studied with a CRICOS registered tertiary institution in Tasmania and meet the specific requirements for state nomination categories.

You should research and choose a provider who you think can best provide the study or training for your particular needs and interests. Tasmania needs enthusiastic, skilled people who want to settle and make a genuine contribution to the economy and community. Along with skills you have and the study you have completed in Tasmania, we will also consider the following factors:. Employment is one aspect we consider when assessing nomination applications from Tasmanian Graduates.

While employment can show you have a genuine capacity to contribute and commitment to stay in Tasmania, we also recognise that many graduates have focussed on their study and have only just begun to develop their professional career in Tasmania.

We will look for the following in your application:. International students get access to valuable work experience opportunities during their studies, giving them the opportunity to develop professional networks which they can use to get a job when they graduate.

Many entrepreneurial graduates may establish businesses in Tasmania which boost the economy and also create local jobs. While current employment is not mandatory if you are applying for state nomination in the Tasmanian Graduate category, you must provide details of how your study, and your previous skills and experience, will enable you to settle in and contribute to Tasmania.

If your study has been in an area that is not related to an occupation on the Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List you need to explain your career plan and how your studies have increased your ability to find skilled work in Tasmania. This may include areas unrelated to your Tasmanian study. When I was still in the uni, I started working at the Tahune Air Walk and after I graduated I started to look for a full time position or a job relevant to what I studied and I found an accounting job and I am an auditor at the moment.

The students who graduated at the University of Tasmania can get the State nominated visa which is what I got. When I was in Beijing I worked in a really good company and my salary was good but I was so busy I had to work over 12 hours a day.

I think most people are like that. After I moved to Tasmania I could breathe the cleanest air and drink the cleanest water. I feel I am enjoying my life every day.

Graduate Studies

I ask my friends why they choose the University of Tasmania and it is because the university fees are lower than the other university.

I started working as a brand ambassador for brands like Microsoft, Sony and Samsung while I was studying. They were all casual roles but I knew that I was on a learning stage, I was getting experience, I knew once I finished my degree I would be able to get a full time job based on the experience and the skilled I was learning while I was studying.While our team speak many different languages, we all understand we are part of one family with one vision.

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our grads / tas

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These are our special people More. Okay, got it! How we use cookies. Read our Privacy Statement to learn how we use your data. This feature is unavailable unless cookies are enabled. Enable cookies? Agree Disagree.James Alcala Graduate Student. Jonathan Alcaraz Graduate Student.

View Profile. Kateryna Alkorn Graduate Student. Taylor Baldwin Graduate Student. Daniel Bayleran Graduate Student. Jolene Britton Graduate Student. Samuel Britton Graduate Student. Matthew Burns Graduate Student. Geifei Chen Graduate Student. Daniel Collister Graduate Student. Charley Conley Graduate Student. Kenny Courser Graduate Student. Justin Davis Graduate Student. Cecilia Duran Graduate Student. Gabriel Elvin Graduate Student.

Mingye Gao Graduate Student. Jacob Garcia Graduate Student. Savanna Gee Graduate Student. Aaron Goodwin Graduate Student. Austin Hansen Graduate Student. Michel Lapidus. William Hoffer Graduate Student. Arianna Iannuzzi Graduate Student.

University of Tasmania, Australia

Christopher Kirchgraber Graduate Student. Ethan Kowalenko Graduate Student. Therese-Marie Landry Graduate Student. Dane Lawhorne Graduate Student. Runpeng Li Graduate Student.

Derek Lowenberg Graduate Student. Alexander Martin Graduate Student. Jade Master Graduate Student.Dylan wanted to use YTT to deepen her own yoga practice. Lovisa researched all types of training options.

From Day 1, Brett builds your confidence and gets you out of your head. She gives you all her tools! Laura P. Finance Manager. Val Geisler. Mom, Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur. Brett Larkin is truly revolutionizing the online YTT experience. Bec H. The caliber of students Brett attracts is world-class. I never want our YTT live calls to end. Stalene H.

Thrilled I finally found a high-quality online teacher training. This was more insightful than any of my previous trainings as an exercise professional.

Cath K. Yoga Teacher. My first in-person training was not as in-depth with posture alignment and cueing. Self-confidence is a huge part of teaching, which I lacked after my first training. My knowledge base and learning experience from this course has increased my self confidence immensely. Sharon H. Retired Nurse. I was skeptical about learning to teach yoga online, but when I filmed my practicum, I felt prepared and like I was a REAL yoga teacher!

This is the real deal! Margie K. Nurse Anesthetist. I felt nervous to do a YTT online, but I was so wrong. This course is amazing and I feel that it is much more in depth than any other yoga training offers. Brett and the TAs are always there to answer any questions and help.

University of Tasmania

So many practical parts of body reading I could go on and on Rebecca G. Personal Trainer. It completely blew my expectations out of the water! I feel so confident and excited to share all that I have learned.Every year, numerous Graduate opportunities become available across our business. While these can change year to year, below are the degrees that are most relevant:. You will have exposure to working on projects across the production and maintenance space along with major works where you'll have the ability to work on large scale, capital projects.

Within Entura, you will gain experience working with industry leaders, consulting on renewable energy projects across the globe. This will provide you with a well-rounded experience across the accounting space within our business.

You will participate in a variety of analytical tasks such as analysing numerical data and verbal data, assist in providing valuation calculations for acquisitions and capital expenditure proposals, contribute to and coordinate Local, State and Federal Government policies on targeted issues.

Hydro Tasmania is the best place in Tasmania to be an engineer. You get to tackle really interesting engineering problems, are constantly learning and discovering new things and get to go home proud of what you are doing. Maria Brescianini, Graduate mechanical engineer. Do it!!

You won't regret it! El Inglis, Government relations manager. Meeting such an incredible group of like-minded individuals and the amount of care shown by the Hydro staff to provide such wonderful supported opportunities.

I'm the Delivery Manager in major works, responsible for our Cambridge Workshop facility. Tim Tritton, Delivery manager major works. The deep end is the best place to learn, but everyone around you will support you if you show you care and are keen!

Monica Hudson, Mechanical engineer. It built my network, gave me exposure to a range of opportunities and helped reveal my passion for improving how we do things. Need some more information? Check out our frequently asked questions below. It's called a Sonru and it's an opportunity for us to learn more about you, your experience and why you want to be part of our team.

You can read more about it here. Initially, you will learn more about our business, meet some of our leaders and hear from current graduates. From there we will move on to completing some group activities and one-on-one interviews. You can learn more about the assessment centre and interview component here. Graduates are provided with a development budget to spend each financial year.

This budget will cover off any training requirements for rotations. Additional core training activities are also scheduled in each year to support the development of self-awareness and interpersonal skills.Our Postgraduate Nursing program is delivered online, and in a part-time capacity to give you a realistic work-life balance. Studying your nursing specialisation with us will allow you to apply your knowledge in the workplace, so you can track you progress in real time.

With over 20 specialisations to choose from and a collaborative online community of learners to connect with, progress your career with the University of Tasmania. I am delighted to welcome you to the School of Nursing postgraduate studies program.

If you are new to study or wanting to make an enquiry regarding potential health related career pathways, I am happy to discuss our diverse range of specialisations and courses, each of which are designed to enhance your clinical practice. You will be supported in studies by our highly skilled, clinically based teaching teams, as you engage with fellow students you will build support networks and establish collegial friendships.

By way of introduction, I am an experienced critical care nurse teaching into a variety of postgraduate units. My area of research expertise is practice focussed and revolves around recognition and response to deteriorating patients within a quality and safety focus.

Hobart program within Tasmanian Schools and also received teaching and learning grants for peer assisted teaching. Over the years I have established an extended collaborative association with a range of our health partners, including the Tasmanian Health Service.

I look forward to sharing the learning experiences and connections you make over the course of your studies. With flexible, part time and online study options, you can advance your nursing career while maintaining a work-life balance. Please note, if you are intending to commence one of the following specialisations in a Semester 2 intake for H4F or H6F: Critical Care, Emergency or Perioperative, you will need to start with the Year 2 Semester 2 unit s due to pre-requisite requirements.

If you have questions about the availability of specialisations or your course structure, please contact us. This course is delivered online and will support your continued development as a nurse by providing you with a formal degree qualification.

For further information on our Transition to Practice course, download the Transition to Practice course brochure. Throughout the year we have a number of short courses available for registered nurses covering varying topics. Below are our current short courses, taking applications now. Looking for information to share or print for your own use? Please see our range of specialisation postcards in a downloadable format below.

our grads / tas

To be accepted into any level of the postgraduate nursing program applicants must meet the following criteria:. Have qualifications and experience deemed by the School to be equivalent to 2 and 3 above. Please see the H4B course page for more information.

It may be possible to receive credit for previous postgraduate nursing, health professional or midwifery studies, please contact us to discuss your admission requirements. Scholarship supported places for the Bachelor of Nursing with Professional Honours H4F are available to eligible students through our network of industry partners.

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